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As mentioned elsewhere, MAFL exists partly as a vehicle through which I can learn about the real-world application of a range of statistical modelling and data analytic techniques. In the lists that follow I've attempted to catalogue them all but if you find one that I haven't please let me know and I'll add it.


The machine learning community distinguishes between mathematical algorithms for regression and those for classification, a dichotomy I'll also use here.

Regression Algorithms

Regression algorithms allow us to map from a feature space - that is, a set of regressors - to a real (possibly bounded) value - a probability, a team score or a total score for example.


Classification Algorithms

Classification algorithms allow us to map from a feature space to a label - a type of grand final, a type of home-and-away season game for example.



Most of the data analysis techniques I deploy in MAFL are so routine they don't deserve chronicling here.

Measuring Non-Linear Relationships

Visualising Relationships or Trends


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