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MAFL 2013 : Team Dashboard for Round 13

Here's the latest Team Dashboard, which this week returns to ordering teams in the same way as the official competition ladder since all teams have now played the same number of games.

(Just one comment this week: it must be a long time since a team with a 107 percentage and the best record in the league in 1st terms has sat 5 places and 3 wins outside the finals. Tough year to be a Roos supporter.)


MAFL 2013 : Team Dashboard for Round 12

Here's the latest Team Dashboard (along with a reminder that I order the teams in the Dashboard based on the competition points earned as a percentage of the maximum possible for a team, given the number of games that it has played. That's why, for example, I have Essendon, who've played 12 games, behind Sydney and Fremantle who have fewer competition points but from fewer games.)

This week I'll just highlight a few things that have caught my eye from the Competition Ladder itself. Mostly they're of no particular import and are probably best described as "interesting" rather than "insightful".

  • Fremantle have scored fewer goals than any other team in the top 13 positions on the ladder. But, they've also conceded the fewest goals of any team in the competition.
  • Two-thirds of the teams in the competition have a percentage above 100, which highlights the feasting that's been going on when the top teams have played the bottom teams.
  • Carlton, in 10th spot on the ladder, have scored more behinds than any other team in the competition. They've also conceded third-most, better only than Melbourne and GWS.
  • Between them, despite making up only one-ninth of the teams in the competition, Melbourne and GWS have conceded over one-sixth of the goals and almost 15% of the behinds.
  • Amongst them, over the past 5 weeks, the bottom 4 teams have recorded just a single win from the 17 games they've played.


MAFL 2013 : Team Dashboard for Round 11

The latest Team Dashboard follows, for which I'd note that my ordering of the teams will differ from the "official" view. This is because I adjust for byes by ranking teams based on the competition points they've accrued relative to the opportunities they've had to accrue them, not by the total points they've actually accrued. Practically, right now that affects the rankings only of Fremantle, Essendon, Richmond and Port Adelaide.

This week I'll restrict my comments to those relating to team Quarter-by-Quarter performances, about which I'll note that:

  • Adelaide are poor starters but strong finishers in each half of games, being ranked 11th and 12th in Q1 and Q3, but 4th and 2nd in Q2 and Q4
  • Carlton are particularly weak in Q2 (ranked 13th) but strong in Q3 (ranked 4th)
  • Collingwood are notably weak in Q4 where they're ranked 12th and have a percentage of just 100
  • Fremantle are strong in Q2 where they're ranked 2nd
  • Geelong are the best team in the competition in Q3 but only 12th in Q1
  • Gold Coast have much better 2nd halfs than 1st halfs - they're ranked 6th and 8th in Q3 and Q4, and 10th and 14th in Q1 and Q2
  • Hawthorn are surprisingly poor in Q2 where they're ranked only 11th having won only 55% of these quarters
  • The Roos are the best team in the competition in Q1 where they've a 91% win rate and a 217 percentage
  • Port Adelaide, similar to Adelaide, are poorest in Q1s and Q3s where they're ranked 16th and 10th, and strongest in Q2s and, especially, Q4s where they've ranked 5th and 1st.
  • Richmond are most notably weak in Q3 where they're ranked 13th
  • Sydney, unlike the Swans of previous years, are relatively poor finishers being ranked 11th in Q4s


MAFL 2013 : Team Dashboard for Round 10

Here's the Team Dashboard for Round 10.

It's interesting that the Pies now lie 8th on the ladder but with only the 12th-best team percentage, just one place higher than the Suns'. The Hawks' and the Roos' sterling Q1 performances, and the Cats' similarly impressive Q3 statistics, are also notable.



MAFL 2013 : Team Dashboard for Round 9

This week I'll be highlighting significant differences between the teams' competition ladder positions and their Scoring statistics: 

  • Carlton are 8th on the ladder, but 1st on Opponent Conversion and 16th on Own Conversion
  • Essendon are 3rd on the ladder, but 10th on Own Conversion
  • Fremantle are 4th on the ladder, but 12th on Own Scoring Shots and 1st on Opponent Scoring Shots
  • Geelong are 2nd on the ladder, but 13th on Opponent Conversion
  • GWS are 18th on the ladder, but 7th on Own Conversion
  • Hawthorn are 1st on the ladder, but 11th on Opponent Conversion
  • The Kangaroos are 13th on the ladder, but 6th on Own Scoring Shots, Own and Opponent Conversion
  • Melbourne are 17th on the ladder, but 5th on Own Conversion
  • Port Adelaide are 9th on the ladder, but 15th on Opponent Conversion
  • St Kilda are 15th on the ladder, but 3rd on Opponent Conversion
  • Sydney are 5th on the ladder, but 13th on Own Scoring Shots and 12th on Opponent Conversion
  • West Coast are 6th on the ladder, but 1st on Own Scoring Shots and 17th on Opponent Conversion
  • The Western Bulldogs are 16th on the ladder, but 4th on Own Conversion

One feature from this list is the apparent lack of importance of Opponent Conversion rates - teams high up on the ladder seem to have poor Opponent Conversion statistics and teams lower on the ladder seem to have better Opponent Conversion statistics. Indeed, the rank correlation between ladder position and ranking based on Opponent Conversion is just +0.18. 

What's mattered instead this season has been how many scoring shots opponents a team has allowed its opponents. The correlation between the ranking on that metric and ladder position now stands at +0.86.