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Some Blogs You Might Have Missed

If you've gone to the trouble of establishing an e-mail subscription to the site, it's the least I can do to let you know when there's fresh content.

Which, until recently, is something that I thought the combination of Feedburner and Squarespace RSS capabilities were handling silently and admirably. Turns out though that some posts can slip through the electronic equivalent of gaps - it seems those that I take more than a day to complete. (On reflection, maybe this is Squarespace's way of telling me to write shorter blogs.)

Two such posts were: 

Since I expect to be posting more about this new approach in the next few weeks as well as using it during the course of the upcoming season, I wanted to make sure these posts weren't inadvertently missed.



A Blog About the Changes to the MAFLOnline Website

There's nowhere on the MAFLOnline website where I'm able to let visitors know about changes to the site itself. This Site News blog has been created to provide me with that opportunity.

I don't expect to be posting here often, but I will add this blog to the Feedburner RSS feed so existing subscribers should automatically receive notifications whenever I do.

Over the past few weeks I've made a number of changes to the site, most notably:

  • Adding this blog, called Site News, which is now also available in the navigation bar
  • Adding another blog, called MAFL Primer, which is an FAQ for the site, incorporating and expanding on the material that used to reside in the MAFL - The Good Bits pages (which have now been disabled). The MAFL Primer FAQ is also available in the navigation bar.
  • Updating the MAFL Fund Performance page to include the 2012 results. I put it off for as long as I could but at least I can now say that it relates to a prior year.
  • Reordering the items in the navigation bar

If you've any comments, good or bad, about the changes or about MAFL or the MAFLOnline website in general, please leave me a comment or send me an e-mail to the address that appears in the navigation bar.

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