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Repairs and Maintenance

Since Debs has made the site look so much better, it seemed a shame to leave it with all those unsightly broken links, most of which you've probably not encountered since they mainly related to the content from 2009 and 2010.

Eventually the curator in me won out, so I've spent most of the last couple of days hunting down and removing all of the errors I could find (with the assistance of the fabulous Xenu Link Sleuth). Please let me know if you come across any that I've missed while you're surfing the site - my email address is


MAFL Gets a Makeover

Regular visitors will, no doubt, have noticed that MAFL is now sporting a new look. This is courtesy of my wife's (aka The MAFL Widow's) superior Squarespace and CSS skillz.

One thing in particular that the new look addresses is making the navigation bar far more visible to visitors, especially new ones. It's now at the top of every page rather than being buried half-way done the left-hand column.

So, thanks Debs.

Flag Update

As of this evening I've collected 21 flags including recent ones from Slovakia and Mexico. Australia remains the country with, comfortably, the greatest visitor presence, though there's also a startlingly high number of visits from the US, which has contributed over half as many pageviews as has Australia.



MAFLOnline Facebook Group

MAFL's now officially entered the 21st century: it has a Facebook group (actually, it has a Twitter account too, @MAFLOnline, but no-one - and I mean no-one - ever visits that.That's partly because I never post there, much to the disappointment of the lone follower I attracted, very briefly, because I happened to use the word 'Cats' in a Tweet. There's not a lot of fur on display at MAFLOnline ...).

To join the Facebook group, you'll need to: 

  • Use or create a personal Facebook account
  • Wait until you've been 'approved' (before you can post)
  • Visit often enough and post often enough to make the site a thriving, interesting community (or something)

Please be aware that the group: 

  • Is public, which means that anything you post there will be visible to all Facebook users
  • Has membership that is visible to the general public, though no-one will be able to see the information about your personal account unless you've made this public (subject, of course, to any changes that Facebook might choose to make in future which, let's be honest, are harder to forecast than the outcome of footy games) 

If you're a Facebook member and you visit the group, you can read about some other aspects of membership by viewing the 'About' tab.

One of the benefits of membership of the group is that all the posts to MAFL blogs will automatically appear there.

Look forward to seeing you. 


15 Down, 181* to go 

Sometime today, MAFL collected its fifteenth flag:

Depending on your source, that leaves 181 to go, or a lot fewer, or just one fewer, or maybe even a few more.

Who knew you'd need error bars for what you'd imagine would be a constant?


AFL's International Appeal

MAFL's been attracting visitors from a variety of countries this year, so I've added some code from Flag Counter to the footer of every page to allow everyone to watch as the list of countries grows.

Since I first loaded it, we've had visitors from 3 countries. I might post here occasionally as the site reaches different milestones.