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Is Class More or Less Important In AFL Finals?

You'll hear it said about sport that class emerges when it's needed most. If that applies to football then you'd expect that better teams would be more likely to win games in the Finals than they are games in the regular home-and-away season.

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Predictability of Team Scores: 1897 to 2013

In today's blog I'll be addressing a range of topics about the season-by-season history of the VFL/AFL

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Estimating Overround in the SuperMargin Market

MAFL's been very active in the SuperMargin market this season and somewhat successful there, which got me to wondering about the overround Investors might be facing each time they wade into that market.

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From One Year To The Next: An Update

In the early part of 2009, I wrote two blog posts on the topic of teams' season-to-season ladder finishes. In today's blog I'll update the analysis I did then and review the current season with that historical context in mind.

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Just For Kicks : An Analysis of the Kicking Statistics in AFL

In his latest blog, Andrew considers the predictive power of the kicks statistic ...

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